Our Vision

Our vision is for every child and family that are part of Bloom Preschool to feel known and loved.

Who We Are

Bloom Preschool is a ministry of New Heights Bentonville. We are a safe, nurturing environment where children can learn, grow, and feel a sense of belonging.

Our Curriculum

We believe that preschool aged children learn best through play. A child’s mind is built for exploration and discovery! So, at Bloom, we will engage in play-based learning, which combines the joy, problem solving, and creative thinking of play with light adult scaffolding to work towards learning goals!

Four Areas of Focus

We believe that faith in God is the most important thing we can teach our children! Our Bible curriculum focuses on 9 simple Truths about God and we learn about one each month. Everything we do at Bloom is Christ-centered!

Preschool aged children are developing their awareness and understanding of others. We provide meaningful interactions and intentional instruction in how to interact with and love others as Christ loves us.

Preschoolers are building foundations for the rest of their academic career! We provide structured, play-based opportunities for children to start building that framework of understanding that will allow them to excel academically when they enter elementary school.

Preschool aged children are physically growing and developing rapidly! We love that children in this age range are experimenting with the physical capabilities God has given them! Our teachers are trained in child development so that they can meet each child where they are and encourage growth and development at their pace.


Bloom Preschool teachers participate in continuing education, team meetings, background checks, CPR certification and staff development. We all work hard to grow our understanding of what preschoolers need most in order to be successful.


Christine Starch

Bloom Preschool Director


Pam Smith

Pre-K Lead Teacher


Christi Patrick

Pre-K Assistant Teacher


Aubrie Brusherd

 Twos Lead Teacher


Chloe Woodell

Twos Assistant Teacher


Erin Wilson

Ones Lead Teacher


Lauren Dozier

Ones Assistant Teacher


Sarah McMichael

PK-3 Lead Teacher


Jewelayna Brusherd

PK-3 Assistant Teacher


Stacy Meier

Nursery Lead Teacher


Danica Reed

Nursery Assistant Teacher


Have a Question? We’re here to help.

We are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 AM - 2 PM.

We serve children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years.

Our tuition is $235/month for children 0-2 as of the first day of the semester. It is $215/month for children 3-5 as of the first day of the semester.

There is a $50/child enrollment fee. There is also a $50/semester/child supply fee.

We follow the Bentonville Public Schools calendar for start date, end date, holidays, and inclement weather.

Ratio: 1:3
Class Size: 6

Ratio: 1:4
Class Size: 8

Ratio: 1:4
Class Size: 8

Ratio: 1:5
Class Size: 10

Ratio: 1:6
Class Size: 12


Bloom Preschool is a ministry of
New Heights Bentonville